Precision Transmission Repair Technology In San Juan Capistrano

Every single part of your car is there for a reason, and these hundreds of parts work together to make your car run normally. Unless you are a mechanic or a car fan, it is natural that you do not have the necessary knowledge or understanding as to when something is wrong or needs to be fixed. All you know is that you hear a strange sound or your car is functioning abnormally (if it can drive at all).

Any issue with one part of the car can manifest in many ways and this is the importance of going to an expert when it comes to problems. There have been instances when the root cause is something else entirely than what the unprofessional or hobby mechanic repaired. Moreover, when it comes to very important parts of your car like transmission repair in San Juan Capistrano, you would not want to make any mistakes.

The Importance Of Top Transmission Service And Repair

The transmission plays a huge role in your car’s performance. Whether you have a manual or an automatic car, a functioning transmission is required to be able to shift the gears. It also ensures that the wheels have enough power to go on the speed you want to go.

A manual transmission, as the name suggests, allows the driver to control which gear to use while the automatic transmission does the shifting. Maintaining your transmission is vital to ensure that your car drives properly.

Common Signs That Your Transmission Needs Repair

When it comes to your car, you should not wait for it to break down before you bring it in for repairs. While some problems are discovered when you come in for routine maintenance, other issues can come up without your knowledge. Thus, it is good to know some signs of issues with your transmission so that you can bring it to your expert mechanic as soon as possible. Ignoring these problems can only make it worse and the repairs more expensive.

Here are 5 common signals of transmission issues that you should never ignore.

  1. Difficulty In Shifting

This sign is easy to notice, especially if you drive your car daily. Suddenly, you feel a bit of resistance when trying to change gears or if you have an automatic transmission, the car has some trouble shifting. You might also observe the car having problems speeding up. Worse, you might hear a thud or a clunk when your car shifts to the next gear.

  1. Slipping Transmission

As opposed to the first sign, you might notice that your car is shifting gears without you changing it. To be sure of the problem, listen to the engine when this is happening, as a slipping transmission makes a whining sound or a change in pitch.

  1. Delay In Engagement

At times, you shift the gear but it takes a bit of time before it moves or speeds up. This is specifically observed when you shift from Park to Drive, as though you are stepping on the gas and the engine is working, but you simply are not moving.

  1. Transmission Leak

It might be tricky to figure out what is leaking when you find a small puddle in your parking spot. A good tip is to put clean cardboard under the car and wait a couple of days. If you see bright red or reddish-brown fluid, then it is coming out of your transmission.

  1. Warning Light On Your Dashboard

Modern cars have sensors that send a warning light if something is not working properly. If you see the check engine light or the transmission warning light coming on, then you might want to make an appointment at the garage to have it checked out.

Opt For Top Transmission Repair Technology

As with other parts of your car, maintenance ensures that issues are discovered before they become worse. When it comes to your transmission, you will want to have the transmission fluid checked and changed when necessary. If you have an older car, then a transmission flush might be better.

Going to the professionals will be beneficial for you and your car over the long run. They might be a bit more expensive, but it might be because they invest in up-to-date tools that allow them to diagnose specific issues in the car. It can be very difficult at times to know what is wrong but the best mechanics will employ the right tools and techniques to ensure that your transmission is always functioning optimally, giving you the best driving experience as well.